The spread of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has become the most significant event of 2020, which has transformed our lifestyles, work and private lives, and is having a huge impact on many sectors, from education to transport and tourism. The most we can do at the moment to prevent further spread of the virus and disease is to help stopping further social and economic damage. For this, regular testing is the most effective help.


Since 2002, AVIDIN Research, Development and Trade Ltd. has become an increasingly important player in the Hungarian biotechnology industry. Relying on our own research and development capacities, we have created a great number of processes and products that are available on the market, implemented successful R&D projects, and established working relationships with leading domestic and international research centers and companies.

With the advent of the new coronavirus, we immediately began to develop a product line that allows us to accurately and quickly detect the presence of the virus in the body, in less than 12 hours. As a unique company in Hungary, we use medical devices accredited by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Food Health (OGYÉI) for each step (sampling and storage kit, RNA purification kit, PCR kit), our microbiological diagnostic laboratory complies with 60/2003. (X. 20.) ESzCsM decree, and our staff consists of highly trained and experienced biologists, chemists and doctors.

The laboratory screening performed by us is a procedure that is of course in accordance with the relevant international standards, validated by a laboratory designated by the National Center for Public Health (NNK), which has been used continuously since the appearance of the virus in Hungary. Over the past six months, we have worked with more than 350 contracted partners – clinics, institutions, businesses – to examine samples from more than 200.000 patients, and currently perform an average of 2000 screenings per day.

Due to the increased workload, the automation of data transfer has become inevitable, so we created the Covidin® software as part of our own development, the use of which we ensure for all our partners. During the development of the software, in addition to the health and epidemiological legislation determining the data content, we also took into account the full compliance with the GDPR, data management and data security regulations.



We provide healthcare institutions and enterprises with the required amount of sampling equipment, delivery of samples taken by the customer professionally, on a given day from the collection points in Budapest and Szeged to the laboratory, molecular biological analysis of samples using the RT-QPCR method presented under the PCR method menu item, and sending the results or findings issued by our occupational health specialist electronically within 12/24/48 hours. We comply with all reporting obligations required by law and the procedures of the National Public Health Center in connection with the performed examinations. Above a certain quantity, the samples taken by the customer are taken at the place indicated by him, free of charge.

The ELISA test is an immunological method that detects antibodies against a specific protein in the virus and the body’s immune response to it from venous blood. The SARS-CoV-2 IgM and IgG test, developed by the German company Novatech, can reliably, with high safety and sensitivity detect whether an individual has an IgM or IgG antibody that can be detected after a viral infection, i.e. the test looks for the presence of antibodies against the COVID-19 disease and/or checks if the patient has a history of COVID-19 disease.


For those partners, typically businesses, who do not have qualified personnel, we can ensure that the sampling is fully carried out by us at a location designated and provided by them.


We can provide door-to-door logistics services for our partners whose required inspection quantity does not reach the number required for free on-site collection.


If our partners wish to receive their results within 12 hours, they can also use our express service with an increased fee.


For individuals, our services are available at the sampling points listed on the website – three sampling points in Budapest and further ones in Tatabánya, Kecskemét, Szeged, Nyíregyháza and Békéscsaba – where you can book an appointment online.


RT-QPCR (real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction) screening is the safest and most accurate molecular diagnostic method, which provides fast results with adequate laboratory capacity. The assay detects SARS-CoV-2 virus-specific RNA sequences with greater than 99% accuracy and specificity directly from a sample taken from the dorsal pharyngeal mucosa to determine if the virus is present in the patient at the time of sampling. Because the presence of the virus can be detected within 1 to 3 days after infection, positivity can be detected even before the onset of symptoms and the body’s immune response, and asymptomatic virus carriers can be screened. The results are validated by a biologist with a microbiological examination.

During sampling, a cotton swab should be pressed against the wall of the pharynx (throat) and the resulting sample should be washed into a sample tube. The fluid in the tube – the ATM-1 virus transport medium we developed – immediately kills the virus in case of an infected patient, but retains the RNA structure needed for testing for up to 72 hours, making the procedure not only simple and fast, but also perfectly safe.

Sampling can be done independently (by the patient) or with the help of qualified medical staff (doctor, nurse). Proper sampling is not complicated, does not require special knowledge or professional qualifications, and is described in the instructions for use of the sampling kit. However, it is important to know that according to the current NNK procedure, a negative result obtained by self-sampling cannot be used for quarantine release (it cannot be verified that the patient took the sample correctly), it can only be informative, but can still be useful for company employees and individuals. If the samples are taken by competent personnel (e.g. clinical staff, company doctor, patients’ general practitioner), the negative result is also suitable for release from quarantine.

Periodic screening, i.e. periodic repetition of the PCR test, can be a guarantee that only patients with proven non-infectivity will go into the community and return to work, thus minimizing the risk of further spread of the virus.


We are proud to have 350+ business partners so far who have honored us with their trust, including excellent representatives of the Hungarian healthcare system and large Hungarian companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our constantly expanding customer base includes, for example, the following institutions:

Medical institutions:

“Thank you for your contribution to Covid testing! We are 100% satisfied with your service and its speed.”

“We are satisfied with everything at the highest level, thank you to the colleagues for their help.”

Corporate partners:

“We truly feel that the relationship is fruitful, we are glad we chose Avidin as our partner at the time.”



If you are interested in our services, prices and detailed conditions, please feel free to contact us at the contact details below or by filling out the form. We strive to respond to all requests for quotations within 24 hours, but in view of the increased demands and the fact that we make individual offers for each request, please wait patiently for our staff to get in touch and/or reply to your messages and enquiries.

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